VLEFlash 4.0

Is the ideal tool for professionals in the natural gas & petroleum industry
4.0 (See all)
Flow Phase Inc.

VLEFlash is a Win32 application developed by Flow Phase Inc. for the prediction of thermodynamic and transport properties. And the drawing of phase envelope and vapour fraction lines of fluid mixture. It can be used for pure fluids or for mixtures of up to 20 components selected from the database of 215 components, mostly hydrocarbons. It can also be used for petroleum fractions that are characterized by an average boiling point and API gravity.
VLEFlash is capable of the following ten varieties of flash calculations:
- Temperature - Pressure Flash
- Bubble Point Pressure (fixed T)
- Bubble Point Temperature (fixed P)
- Dew Point Pressure (fixed T)
- Dew Point Temperature (fixed P)
- Temperature - Entropy Flash
- Pressure - Enthalpy Flash
- Temperature - Molar Density Flash
- Pressure - Vapour Fraction Flash
- Temperature - Vapour Fraction Flash
VLEFlash enhances user comfort in many ways, such as:
- Context related online help
- SI, Conventional and Customized unit selection and auto conversion for all data, results and even phase envelope
- Sequential flash that allows you to string together the flashes in your process
- Attractive printouts of your results
- Export to Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word®

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